Friday 6 September 2013

BANG is 40 years old - and having a birthday picnic!

BANG is one of Sheffield’s oldest community associations, having been founded way back in 1973 to protest against Council plans to drive a dual carriageway road through England’s Prettiest Suburb, flattening many of our best-loved streets and houses.

Since that time, BANG members through the years have generously devoted huge amounts of time, money and effort to keep Broomhill special and we have many, many successful campaigns under our belts. Together we have built a wealth of expertise and experience that will help us to face tomorrow’s challenges. We think that is something really worth celebrating!

Join us in Victoria Park on Saturday, 14th September, 2.30 to 5
  o   Bring your own picnic food and drink
o   Bring a chair if you need one, or a blanket to sit on the grass
o   Bring the whole family
o   Period dress (1973) optional…

Where is Victoria Park?
It’s the small green space at the corner of Whitham Rd and Parker’s Lane.
Next to the small car park.
Between Ellis’s shop and the Nottingham House Pub.
See you there!