Monday 17 December 2012

An evaluation of the Sheffield Air Quality Management Area scheme: Can it work and does Sheffield: City on the Move, really care?

Barry Francis, an MSc student at Sheffield Hallam University, has written an 80-page dissertation that evaluates Sheffield’s Air Quality Management Area.

Barry has very kindly agreed to make his work more widely available via the website of the East End Quality of Life Initiative, which is the organisation that carries out and reports on local air quality through its community Air Quality Monitoring groups. If you would like to know more about air quality in Broomhill, or access the link to Barry's very interesting dissertation, you can follow this link to EAQOL's website:

Sunday 16 December 2012

Last chance to object to the demolition of the Jessops Edwardian Wing

The council vote tomorrow (17th Dec) on whether to allow Sheffield University to erase an important part of Sheffield's Heritage.  The planning officer 'recommends' to demolish the Grade II listed Edwardian Wing of Jessop Hospital, this despite two of the Council's own advisory panels criticising these proposals. -(Shefffield Conservation Advisory Group and Sheffield Sustainable Development and Design Panel).  (see attached) 

The University have aggressively spread a number of false assumptions surrounding this issue, in particular the insidious claim that the building is of lowly architectural and historical merit. Both old Jessop Hospital buildings were listed as one item by English Heritage.  Of course if the University really believed their propaganda they would have applied for the Edwardian building to be de-listed   They haven't.

All official bodies consulted have objected, see here

More info, how to sign the council website petition here - but this must be done today Sunday 16th December.

The (public) council meeting is at 2pm on Monday 17th Dec, Sheffield Town Hall - so only days now to voice your objection online. Please spare a minute to find out more and how you can submit an official objection online to the council.  The University have wheeled out everyone they can, now it is time for people power to kick in.  Please do it.  If you have time please email your councillors - they need to hear there will be a public outcry if this building is demolished

Tuesday 6 November 2012

Community discussions with Sainsbury's

Sainsbury's contacted BANG to propose a meeting to discuss their planned new local store in Broomhill and this meeting was held during October. This is a brief summary of what we discussed.

The store will occupy the unit being vacated by Williamson's, who are moving next door to the unit vacated by Blackwells. It will be at the top end of the size range for a Sainsbury's local store. The nearest example to what is planned is the 'local' on the 'town' end of the Ecclesall Rd.

The manager will have discretion to respond to local wishes as regards stock, up to a point. For example a staffed delicatessan counter 'is not part of the local offering'; nor is home drop-off of shopping. Nothing was absolutely ruled out though, so it will be important to make sure that we give the manager feedback on what we want. We discussed our hope that the store would not compete aggressively with valued local independent shops but would complement what they provide and be an asset to all sections of the local community.

Opening hours will be 7am to 11pm. When we questioned why they had applied for licensing hours 6am to 24.00 we were told that this was a standard practice of head office but they had no intention EVER of opening after 11pm. We were also assured that Sainsbury's local stores do not feature bulk buy alcohol promotions.

The signage for local stores usually conforms to a standard package, however Sainsbury's did appear to be genuinely sympathetic to a different response in Broomhill that would be more in keeping with our conservation area.

Sainsbury's were aware of problems with parking and the under-use of the rooftop car park due to a history of aggressive management. An idea that they proposed to mitigate the parking problem was a refund of the car park charges for customers who spent beyond a certain level in the store. This would obviously be useful for getting people to reconsider using the car park. Current rate for one hour is 60p, which is 20p more than on-street parking, but less than the cost of driving to Waitrose.

The shop will not open until after Christmas.

Thursday 27 September 2012

The 39th Broomhill Festival 8th to 23rd June 2013: Invitation to local charities

Each year, the proceeds of the Broomhill Festival are divided between a number of local charities. The monies from this year's Festival went to Amy's Retreat, Broomhall Breakfast Club and Transport 17 (more about these charities on and a share also went to the new Broomhill Festival Fund (about which more below).

The Festival Planning Group now invites applications for support from the 2013 Festival. If your charity would like to apply, please let us have your contact details (see below) and we shall be in touch. The closing date for applications is  22nd October.

The Broomhill Festival Fund, mentioned above, is intended to provide fast help to local charitable organisations in urgent need of small sums of money. The Fund is just starting so we don't yet know what sorts of needs we might help with but if your charity urgently needs support do get in touch.

Contact us:

0114 407 0012 (leave a message)
fax 0845 557 7154

Saturday 22 September 2012

Tesco slips into Broomhill under the radar

Residents will have no doubt seen the Tesco store being installed in Turner's Lane, next to the RBS bank. This development happened without anyone noticing because Tesco got an agent to submit the planning application for them, with no mention of their involvement. This neatly avoided the messy business of public debate about whether or not Tesco would be a welcome addition to our high street.

Whatever your views on the matter, you DO now have the opportunity to comment on whether you think Tescos should be able to embellish their new store with several huge illuminated signs. Have they read the Conservation Area Management Plan and what it has to say about shop signage? Are they making any effort to choose signage that enhances the Conservation Area (as required by the plan)?

Please take a moment to look at their planning application for signage and register your views. The online system for commenting on applications is easy to use. Here are the links to Tesco's applications:

Resignage of building including internally illuminated fascia sign, internally illuminated projecting sign and non-illuminated signage to ATM - Clan House Turner's Lane Sheffield S10 1BP

Ref. No: 12/02714/ADV | Received date: Tue 04 Sep 2012 | Status: Pending Consideration | Case Type: Planning Application 

One illuminated free-standing sign - Clan House Turner's Lane Sheffield S10 1BP

Ref. No: 12/02715/ADV | Received date: Wed 05 Sep 2012 | Status: Pending Consideration | Case Type: Planning Application 

Thursday 6 September 2012

Broomhill Air Quality Symposium Report published

The very interesting and useful air quality symposium organised earlier this year by Broomhill Forum is summarised in a comprehensive report that has just been published. To access a copy, please visit our website Then why not return to this site and let us know what you think should be done to reduce the impacts of traffic-related pollution in Broomhill!

Wednesday 5 September 2012

Broomhill Forum AGM next week

Everyone who either resides or works in Broomhill is very welcome to attend the Broomhill Forum AGM and General meetings on Wednesday 12th September meeting, which will be held in the Upper Lounge at St Mark’s Church, Broomfield Road, starting at 4.00pm.  The agenda covers a number of items of immediate interest to Broomhill and about which I am sure you would like to make your views known.  These include:
  • Broomhill Library;
  • Air Quality Symposium;
  • Retail issues (Williamson’s/Sainbury’s/Tesco’s/parking);
  • University of Sheffield – Intro Week and Security;
  • Children’s Hospital;
  • Law and Order.

Tuesday 28 August 2012

Broomhill police station / public toilet site up for grabs?

The Council have recently completed some planning advice for the former police station/public toilets at the junction of Fulwood Road and Manchester Road which is available from the following webpage.
The property is Council owned and the Council's property service may decide shortly to advertise the property for sale. If anyone can think of a beneficial use of this site that is in accordance with the planning advice, let's hear it!

Friday 17 August 2012

Community enterprise seeks investors for renewable energy projects

A local community enterprise is developing a number of small-scale energy schemes in and around Sheffield that local residents can invest in. If you are interested in knowing more, or might like to become an investor or a volunteer, see It would be interesting to consider whether there is any scope for schemes of this kind in Broomhill. Any ideas out there?

Tuesday 14 August 2012

Council launch library consultation

The council are consulting on how to change the library services to make them fit and affordable for the future and meet people's needs across the city. The scale of the reduction to the Council's budget means that efficiency savings alone will not be enough to cover the loss in funding. At this crucial point in time, the council want to look at the library services afresh, to see how they can work in new and different ways. This could mean developing, changing or relocating some services and reducing or closing others.
Research has identified a range of opportunities that they could explore and they want to know what we think of them. Opportunities to work differently include:

  • opening hours and the buildings libraries operate from
  • making library services more efficient
  • partnership working - collaboration with voluntary/community groups
  • volunteering to enhance the service
  • increasing income
  • new technology
You can complete the survey online on the council website

Saturday 4 August 2012

Secret Garden Demolition Application Submitted

August is Sheffield University's favourite month for submitting planning applications and this year is no exception. So we now have an application to demolish the buildings on the southern part of the Tapton Experimental Gardens site, including the temporary structures in the Secret Garden (the walled kitchen garden of Tapton Elms, on Taptonville Rd). 

The Uni have planning permission to demolish and redevelop the site but their plans have gone awry as Miller Homes, who they were working with before, are driving a very hard bargain now that the housing market is in a slump. So there is no immediate redevelopment on the horizon and indeed it is quite likely that the entire project will fall flat on its face. That means that the Uni will have to re-market the site to a new developer, who will bring forward another development plan.

Possibly to prepare for this the Uni now want to demolish the current buildings on the site  - except for the hall of residence building - as they have been struggling with security. There have been continual problems with trespassers and some while ago metal thieves caused serious damage to Pisgah House, which took over a year to fix.

So while one can sympathise to an extent its really important that nothing of historic or horticultural value on the site is demolished or damaged at this time. The garden is now on the list of protected historic parks and gardens in Sheffield so it would be counter to the Sheffield Development Framework to do anything to them that damages historic features or prevents their possible future restoration. The trees in the gardens are subject to protection orders but there are many other plants that could be trampled or destroyed by demolition works.

It is a great pity that the University will not engage with the council and community over the future of this site, to discuss alternative options to simply flogging it off and building on it. We think there are so many other potential options that haven't been properly explored but its simply not possible to work on them unless the site owner is on board. As usual we're left with only one option - the planning process. So since that is the only avenue to make our feelings known let's go for it.

To comment on this planning (i.e. demolition) application, you can use the Council's online planning system at 

or alternatively simply send an email to quoting the application number 12/02284/CAC 

Monday 16 July 2012

Could you help Amelia with her research project?

Amelia is looking for a group to people willing to take part in a group
interview. She says: " I go to the University of Sheffield and the group interview
will be part of research for my dissertation. My research is based on
residents attitudes towards the way Sheffield is marketed as a tourist

As long as you are over 18 and live in Sheffield you are exactly the
sort of person I need !!! Ideally I am looking for a group of people
who know each other, but let me know if you are able to help me in
anyway (email:"

Tuesday 3 July 2012

Intruders target Hallam Tower

Residents living close to Hallam Tower have reported a number of incidents over the past week where people have been spotted in the building - and even on its roof. One resident described being woken by the sound of crashing glass as yet another large window was broken from inside the building at night. Police were called but did not apparently respond. We are keeping our local councillors informed about the situation and would be grateful if residents could let BANG know of any new incidents. Email

Thursday 21 June 2012

Hallam Tower, a blot on the landscape and death-trap

It's now eight years since the Hallam Tower hotel closed its doors but there's no sign that the site will be redeveloped, despite having planning permission approved in 2009. Meanwhile the building is becoming a hideous dilapidated eyesore visible from right across the city, blighting the environment of people living close by. More worrying still are the regular breaches of site security and the attraction that the derelict building seems to hold for Sheffield's urban warriors. Pictures of trashed rooms inside the building now feature regularly on urban explorer websites. With so many of its upper floor windows now standing open or broken it seems only a matter of time before someone falls out. So what can be done? Local residents who spot people on the site are urged to report this immediately to the site security officer, Steve Mettam, whose number is 2734052. It would also be helpful to report intruders to the police via the 101 helpline, which is manned at night. Hopefully if breaches are reported promptly and often the site security will be upgraded to include CCTV.

Wednesday 13 June 2012

A big week for The York

The York has just been voted CAMRA pub of the month, which will no doubt bring even more customers to what is already, after just one year, one of Broomhill's most popular venues. Since acquiring the pub the owners of The York (Forum Cafe Bars) have worked hard to develop a constructive dialogue with the community, though community relations did go through a rocky patch last year when the pub first applied to extend its opening hours. In recent months though we have met a number of times to discuss how best to manage the potential negative impacts from such a lively venue, in particular late-night noise and disorder. On monday this week the Planning Committee approved an application from The York to extend their opening hours by half an hour each day, paving the way to an application to the Licensing Board for later opening. This issue remains contentious with local residents, some of whom have had to put up with years of late-night yelling and shouting in the street in the small hours. The York wouldn't want this sort of problem to be associated with their business any more than residents would, so we'll both be keeping an eye on how things go and remaining in contact.

Saturday 2 June 2012

Williamson's Hardware Threatened with closure!

Williamson Hardware has served Broomhill well  for 52years,but it's future is now seriously threatened.
Battling a double dip recession and a major downturn in the local student population the business is now facing warfare with it's evil landlord.
Williamson Hardware have been a tenant in the Fulwood Road block since it was completed in 1967, and have been exemplary tenants. They have never been one day late paying their rent.
The landlord is trying to conclude their tenancy having not even had the guts to contact Williamson Hardware directly. Apparently the landlord has an agreement with Sainsbury's to let them have the unit. 
In law the only way the landlord can evict the tenant at the end of a lease is to require the premises for his own use or to redevelop it. The landlord has now applied for planning permission to "redevelop" the unit. The planning application number is 12/01352/FUL
If you would like to support Williamson's fight to retain their shop in Broomhill please respond to this planning application. The Planning page of broomhillonline tells you how to do this; it's a quick and easy online process.

Thursday 31 May 2012

Broomhill or Beaut-Hill?

Can a district centre have too many hairdressers, nail bars, beauticians and pampering places? Another three seem to have opened in the last month and we've lost yet another food shop 'On a Roll', which made a valiant attempt to operate a deli in Broomhill but now seems to have closed. OK, it's good to have the shops open, but....

Tuesday 8 May 2012

Broomhill elects a new councillor

At last week's local council elections Paul Scriven, Lib Dem, lost his seat to Jayne Dunn, Labour. Paul was our councillor for several years and over that time had built close links with the local community groups. During his time as Leader of the council he made significant inroads on the problems of night-time noise in Broomhill by introducing  a new Licensing policy that recognised problems of 'saturation' of certain types of licensed premises in some areas of the city. He also encouraging Licensing and Planning officers to coordinate their activities more effectively, particularly with respect to enforcement of trading hours restrictions. So we extend our thanks to Paul for his work on our behalf and our best wishes for the future. To Jayne, a warm welcome to her new role; we are looking forward to getting to know her and working with her to further the interests of the community.

Thursday 3 May 2012

Broomhill air quality symposium gives us lots to think about...

The Air Pollution symposium organised by Broomhill Forum on 21st April was a thought-provoking event that highlighted traffic as the most likely cause of poor air quality in our area. A most interesting presentation from Dr Margaret Bell of Newcastle University showed how the emissions from cars and trucks depend on the traffic flow but also how they are driven; all of us can take action to reduce emissions if we drive more smoothly, avoid too much braking and acceleration, and switch the engine off when we are stationary rather than leaving the engine idling. Or, of course, get out of our cars altogether. Prof Ben Hamilton Baillie gave a fascinating presentation on 'shared space', a new concept about how cars and pedestrians can share public space rather than segregating cars and people. Other speakers from the council, the bus companies, NHS public health etc gave different perspectives on the air pollution problem, its impacts, and how it can be tackled. The conference held group discussions to come up with potential solutions for the situation in Broomhill, both in the short and the medium term. The Forum will produce a report on the conference and will coordinate the response.

Monday 30 April 2012

AGM appoints new committee for 2012

Saturday's AGM appointed a new committee to lead BANG over the next year. The meeting also discussed priorities and ideas for action. A full account of the AGM is published on BANG's website,

Saturday 28 April 2012

Council Cabinet gives the green light to negotiations for a new Broomhill Library

The Council Cabinet last week gave the go-ahead for officers to enter into negotiations with a local property developer for a scheme to relocate the Broomhill Library to Willis House on Peel St. The scheme is still at a very early stage and there are a number of hurdles to overcome, not only to verify that the building is suitable, but also that the scheme is financially sound. It would involve transferring a number of assets to the developer in return for the lease of the space in Willis House. The Broomhill Forum have convened a library subgroup to look at these options and to consult with all community stakeholders concerned.

Secret Garden - must we do it ll again?

It seems that the sale of the Tapton Halls of Residence and Experimental Gardens site to Miller Homes may not now go ahead as the developer is getting cold feet over the project. If Miller Homes pull out the University intend to remarket the entire site to a new developer, who is likely to want to begin over with a new development scheme.
One might hope that the demise of the Miller Homes scheme would be an opportunity to do things better next time and to seriously consider alternatives for the site that might enable the community to realise our aspirations, while at the same time providing good value for the University. However there are no signs that the University are willing to consider their 'best value' responsibilities in anything other than purely financial terms. The uncertainty over the future of the site has even put our proposal to purchase Pisgah House as a community partnership on ice.
It is profoundly depressing to contemplate the prospect of fighting yet another inappropriate planning application for this site with a new developer. We can only hope that all the previous work that we have done has at least alerted the council planners to the importance of this site for our conservation area.