Friday 18 January 2013

Important Community Assembly meeting on 24th January will consider whether the Assemblies should be abolished

The Central Community Assembly (which is open to the public)  meets at 5pm next Thursday 24th at Quaker Meeting House (in town, just along from the Cathedral). 

The first hour is a 'Meet the Cabinet" meeting at which senior members of the council will be present to answer questions. The theme that night is supposed to be 'Youth', but this issue is likely to be sidelined given the 'consultation exercise' that has just been announced by the Council on whether the community assemblies should be abolished in order to save money.  The Council is requiring consultation responses to be in by 28th January, which gives communities no real opportunity to canvass opinions and to submit a considered response.

The Community Assemblies are one of the City's important democratic institutions as they allow citizens to influence and observe decision-making that directly affects local areas. There are many questions as to how the many delegated functions of community assemblies will be handled under the various options that are being considered for their future.

For more details about the options on the table, and for information on how to make your views heard as an individual, please visit the consultation page on Sheffield's website

And if you can, go along to what may be the very last meeting of our Community Assembly!

Sunday 13 January 2013

Concert on 16 Feb promites Broomhill's very own recording studio and record label

We are Broomhill residents and we run a small independent classical music record label from home.  We are promoting our first concert, by the pianist Richard Bielicki, which will take place at the Upper Chapel, Norfolk Street, Sheffield on Saturday 16th February. Further detais are on our website: 

It is a very special concert as Richard will be launching his first CD, The Sacred and the Profane, which consists of his own astonishing and entirely listenable compositions.  It will be the first time that some of these pieces have ever been played in public recital. Richard is also including some well-loved Chopin works in his programme, so there really is something for everyone to enjoy.

The CD was recorded at our in-house recording studio in Broomhill, so there is very much a local connection.  Details of our piano and studio are at:

Tickets are available via our website; payment is via Paypal or cheque. Tickets can be posted out or collected (or indeed purchased) on the door.

Wednesday 2 January 2013

Southbourne Road light up Broomhill for the festive season

I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to all the residents of Southbourne Road, who yet again have brought joy to all of us this Christmas with their spectacular display of festive lights. This year's display is bigger and better than ever, but as always keeps just on the right side of good taste. It must be a huge amount of work putting up all those lights - not to mention the energy bills - but they have made me smile every time I pass by. I expect they'll be coming down this weekend so if you haven't experienced the magic yet GET DOWN THERE!!!!!