Thursday 27 September 2012

The 39th Broomhill Festival 8th to 23rd June 2013: Invitation to local charities

Each year, the proceeds of the Broomhill Festival are divided between a number of local charities. The monies from this year's Festival went to Amy's Retreat, Broomhall Breakfast Club and Transport 17 (more about these charities on and a share also went to the new Broomhill Festival Fund (about which more below).

The Festival Planning Group now invites applications for support from the 2013 Festival. If your charity would like to apply, please let us have your contact details (see below) and we shall be in touch. The closing date for applications is  22nd October.

The Broomhill Festival Fund, mentioned above, is intended to provide fast help to local charitable organisations in urgent need of small sums of money. The Fund is just starting so we don't yet know what sorts of needs we might help with but if your charity urgently needs support do get in touch.

Contact us:

0114 407 0012 (leave a message)
fax 0845 557 7154

Saturday 22 September 2012

Tesco slips into Broomhill under the radar

Residents will have no doubt seen the Tesco store being installed in Turner's Lane, next to the RBS bank. This development happened without anyone noticing because Tesco got an agent to submit the planning application for them, with no mention of their involvement. This neatly avoided the messy business of public debate about whether or not Tesco would be a welcome addition to our high street.

Whatever your views on the matter, you DO now have the opportunity to comment on whether you think Tescos should be able to embellish their new store with several huge illuminated signs. Have they read the Conservation Area Management Plan and what it has to say about shop signage? Are they making any effort to choose signage that enhances the Conservation Area (as required by the plan)?

Please take a moment to look at their planning application for signage and register your views. The online system for commenting on applications is easy to use. Here are the links to Tesco's applications:

Resignage of building including internally illuminated fascia sign, internally illuminated projecting sign and non-illuminated signage to ATM - Clan House Turner's Lane Sheffield S10 1BP

Ref. No: 12/02714/ADV | Received date: Tue 04 Sep 2012 | Status: Pending Consideration | Case Type: Planning Application 

One illuminated free-standing sign - Clan House Turner's Lane Sheffield S10 1BP

Ref. No: 12/02715/ADV | Received date: Wed 05 Sep 2012 | Status: Pending Consideration | Case Type: Planning Application 

Thursday 6 September 2012

Broomhill Air Quality Symposium Report published

The very interesting and useful air quality symposium organised earlier this year by Broomhill Forum is summarised in a comprehensive report that has just been published. To access a copy, please visit our website Then why not return to this site and let us know what you think should be done to reduce the impacts of traffic-related pollution in Broomhill!

Wednesday 5 September 2012

Broomhill Forum AGM next week

Everyone who either resides or works in Broomhill is very welcome to attend the Broomhill Forum AGM and General meetings on Wednesday 12th September meeting, which will be held in the Upper Lounge at St Mark’s Church, Broomfield Road, starting at 4.00pm.  The agenda covers a number of items of immediate interest to Broomhill and about which I am sure you would like to make your views known.  These include:
  • Broomhill Library;
  • Air Quality Symposium;
  • Retail issues (Williamson’s/Sainbury’s/Tesco’s/parking);
  • University of Sheffield – Intro Week and Security;
  • Children’s Hospital;
  • Law and Order.