Monday 17 December 2012

An evaluation of the Sheffield Air Quality Management Area scheme: Can it work and does Sheffield: City on the Move, really care?

Barry Francis, an MSc student at Sheffield Hallam University, has written an 80-page dissertation that evaluates Sheffield’s Air Quality Management Area.

Barry has very kindly agreed to make his work more widely available via the website of the East End Quality of Life Initiative, which is the organisation that carries out and reports on local air quality through its community Air Quality Monitoring groups. If you would like to know more about air quality in Broomhill, or access the link to Barry's very interesting dissertation, you can follow this link to EAQOL's website:

Sunday 16 December 2012

Last chance to object to the demolition of the Jessops Edwardian Wing

The council vote tomorrow (17th Dec) on whether to allow Sheffield University to erase an important part of Sheffield's Heritage.  The planning officer 'recommends' to demolish the Grade II listed Edwardian Wing of Jessop Hospital, this despite two of the Council's own advisory panels criticising these proposals. -(Shefffield Conservation Advisory Group and Sheffield Sustainable Development and Design Panel).  (see attached) 

The University have aggressively spread a number of false assumptions surrounding this issue, in particular the insidious claim that the building is of lowly architectural and historical merit. Both old Jessop Hospital buildings were listed as one item by English Heritage.  Of course if the University really believed their propaganda they would have applied for the Edwardian building to be de-listed   They haven't.

All official bodies consulted have objected, see here

More info, how to sign the council website petition here - but this must be done today Sunday 16th December.

The (public) council meeting is at 2pm on Monday 17th Dec, Sheffield Town Hall - so only days now to voice your objection online. Please spare a minute to find out more and how you can submit an official objection online to the council.  The University have wheeled out everyone they can, now it is time for people power to kick in.  Please do it.  If you have time please email your councillors - they need to hear there will be a public outcry if this building is demolished