Thursday 21 June 2012

Hallam Tower, a blot on the landscape and death-trap

It's now eight years since the Hallam Tower hotel closed its doors but there's no sign that the site will be redeveloped, despite having planning permission approved in 2009. Meanwhile the building is becoming a hideous dilapidated eyesore visible from right across the city, blighting the environment of people living close by. More worrying still are the regular breaches of site security and the attraction that the derelict building seems to hold for Sheffield's urban warriors. Pictures of trashed rooms inside the building now feature regularly on urban explorer websites. With so many of its upper floor windows now standing open or broken it seems only a matter of time before someone falls out. So what can be done? Local residents who spot people on the site are urged to report this immediately to the site security officer, Steve Mettam, whose number is 2734052. It would also be helpful to report intruders to the police via the 101 helpline, which is manned at night. Hopefully if breaches are reported promptly and often the site security will be upgraded to include CCTV.

Wednesday 13 June 2012

A big week for The York

The York has just been voted CAMRA pub of the month, which will no doubt bring even more customers to what is already, after just one year, one of Broomhill's most popular venues. Since acquiring the pub the owners of The York (Forum Cafe Bars) have worked hard to develop a constructive dialogue with the community, though community relations did go through a rocky patch last year when the pub first applied to extend its opening hours. In recent months though we have met a number of times to discuss how best to manage the potential negative impacts from such a lively venue, in particular late-night noise and disorder. On monday this week the Planning Committee approved an application from The York to extend their opening hours by half an hour each day, paving the way to an application to the Licensing Board for later opening. This issue remains contentious with local residents, some of whom have had to put up with years of late-night yelling and shouting in the street in the small hours. The York wouldn't want this sort of problem to be associated with their business any more than residents would, so we'll both be keeping an eye on how things go and remaining in contact.

Saturday 2 June 2012

Williamson's Hardware Threatened with closure!

Williamson Hardware has served Broomhill well  for 52years,but it's future is now seriously threatened.
Battling a double dip recession and a major downturn in the local student population the business is now facing warfare with it's evil landlord.
Williamson Hardware have been a tenant in the Fulwood Road block since it was completed in 1967, and have been exemplary tenants. They have never been one day late paying their rent.
The landlord is trying to conclude their tenancy having not even had the guts to contact Williamson Hardware directly. Apparently the landlord has an agreement with Sainsbury's to let them have the unit. 
In law the only way the landlord can evict the tenant at the end of a lease is to require the premises for his own use or to redevelop it. The landlord has now applied for planning permission to "redevelop" the unit. The planning application number is 12/01352/FUL
If you would like to support Williamson's fight to retain their shop in Broomhill please respond to this planning application. The Planning page of broomhillonline tells you how to do this; it's a quick and easy online process.