Tuesday 6 August 2013

Latest development scheme for the SECRET GARDEN arrives....

The next chapter unfolds in the saga of the Tapton Halls of Residence and Experimental Gardens site (The Secret Garden). It seems that with Miller Homes now off the scene, the University are now working with Taylor Wimpey to bring forward a new planning application for the site, replacing the scheme that was given planning permission in August 2011.

The new scheme has more houses and fewer flats and is largely within the footprint of the approved scheme, so retains the open space in part of the former botany garden. However in the new scheme, the density of development along the Taptonville Rd frontage is higher than has been approved; we once again have town houses along Taptonville Rd, including in the walled garden. Also, the crescent of houses within the botany garden site has increased from 10 town houses to 12 semis.

The University's planning consultant has allowed one week for 'community consultation' (generous, considering it's august), after which we can expect the application to progress through the usual planning process.

We will post the documents on the Broomhill website www.broomhillonline.org.uk and keep people updated through The Banger and the website.