Monday, 18 February 2013

Update on Sheffield Roads PFI (Streets Ahead) from Broomhill Forum

Broomhill Forum issued the following update for local residents:

Amey, the Council contractors for the renewal and maintenance of Sheffield roads, are about to begin operations in the south-west of the city, this year and are on schedule to start works in the ‘northern’ part of Broomhill in August 2013. The company is mounting road shows in areas of the city before they begin the work to inform the local communities what the timetable is for the road works in their area, what they intend to do, and how they will be operating. 
Broomhill is subdivided into 3 zones for renewal work. The area lying above the A57 will be started in 2013; the area to the north east of Glossop road in 2014 and the area to the south west ofGlossop Road in 2017. The main trunk routes will be implemented as a separate phase in 2015 /16. The Broomhill Library has been provided with a copy of Amey’s map showing the Broomhill subdivisions for display.
A comprehensive presentation on the scheme was given to the  Broomhill Forum by Graeme Symonds (GS) (Project Director for Amey) and Moira Code (Community Assembly Liaison Steward), on the scope of works. The PFI contract will extend for 25 years at a cost of £2 billion. In addition to repairs and maintenance to every road and public footpath in the city, the works will include major structures such as bridges, as well as street lighting (with new LED technology), traffic lights and the replacement of trees where necessary. The Streets Ahead team will now handle street cleaning;
The Amey representatives made it clear that cars which are parked on the street must be moved to allow the road works to take place. Letters will be sent to households and notices will be posted warning everyone of this, but as a last resort, vehicles remaining on the roadway will be towed away to allow work to proceed. There will be leaflet drops to every household in a street before work begins on that street and there will be an opportunity for negotiation with any business or household that is affected by the works. Veolia and SYPTE will also be consulted to coordinate any temporary alterations to collection times, bus routes etc that are needed.
The Amey representatives have been made aware of the need to preserve the Broomhill Conservation area and have indicated that:
§           road finishes will be replaced on a like-for-like basis, so granite kerbs, natural stone flag paving and cobbles etc will be retained and supplemented where there are gaps at present;
§           historic gas lamps will be refurbished and reinstated with new gas supplies;
§           old concrete flag paving in the footway which becomes uneven and gives rise to trip hazards will be replaced with tarmacadam;
§           special light fittings that are appropriate to the conservation area will be used;
§           financial allowance has been made for the replacement of trees where needed and assurance was given that this replacement will not be arbitrary and all work will be supervised by qualified arboriculturalists. Essential replacement of trees will be phased over 25 years and the contract includes provision for on-going specialist maintenance of all trees;
§           a dedicated ‘First Point’ contact line at 0114 273 4567 ( has been established which will enable all questions, queries, concerns and emergencies to be routed directly to the relevant Amey staff.

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