Monday, 18 February 2013

Broomhill Library Update

Broomhill Forum have issued the following update for local residents:
At the last meeting of the Forum, Dave Hempshall, from Sheffield City Council, reported that negotiations for the acquisition of Willis House for a new library had ceased, because the property valuations could not be reconciled, and the matter was in abeyance pro tem, given the imminent publication of the SCC Library Services review. Following that report, the Council has announced its need to make reductions in Council expenditure and that it intends to reduce the number of libraries in the City. The most two most heavily used libraries in the city are Ecclesall and Broomhill, in that order, and you are encouraged to make your views know through councillors, petitions, and other lawful means, if you wish to preserve library facilities in Broomhill.
According to local press reports, Councillor Mazher Iqbal, cabinet member for library services, said, in January, that he is appealing for voluntary groups to come forward. "We will be publishing prospectuses on each community library later this month and inviting groups to make a bid. There will be an eight week deadline for responses which will then be assessed for viability".  However, if there is insufficient interest up to 14 of 27 community libraries could close.
As yet we have no further information from the Council on its proposals for alternative scenarios if the local library closes.

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