Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Important 'Streets Ahead' Roadshow on 13th February

The 'Streets Ahead' project will renew all of the roads in Sheffield and is being carried out on behalf of the council by Amey. Later this year, work in the Broomhill area will start on Tapton Hill and Crosspool. Next wednesday there will be a roadshow organised by the 'Streets Ahead' team to inform local residents about the road replacement work and what it will involve. Those who recall the gas replacement work a couple of years ago will recall the huge disruption involved.

The roadshow will take place at the Wesley Hall, Crookes, from 1 pm to 5.45 pm. It will cover details of the work to be done, and time scales for the work. Hopefull we will also find out about re-routing of local buses and relocation of bus stops.

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