Thursday, 27 September 2012

The 39th Broomhill Festival 8th to 23rd June 2013: Invitation to local charities

Each year, the proceeds of the Broomhill Festival are divided between a number of local charities. The monies from this year's Festival went to Amy's Retreat, Broomhall Breakfast Club and Transport 17 (more about these charities on and a share also went to the new Broomhill Festival Fund (about which more below).

The Festival Planning Group now invites applications for support from the 2013 Festival. If your charity would like to apply, please let us have your contact details (see below) and we shall be in touch. The closing date for applications is  22nd October.

The Broomhill Festival Fund, mentioned above, is intended to provide fast help to local charitable organisations in urgent need of small sums of money. The Fund is just starting so we don't yet know what sorts of needs we might help with but if your charity urgently needs support do get in touch.

Contact us:

0114 407 0012 (leave a message)
fax 0845 557 7154

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